Driver Training

Driver Training

Collision Avoidance Training

Our trainers will go out to companies to assess new drivers or drivers that have been involved in collisions. This will involve a four point training plan:

  1. The importance of vehicle safety checks
  2. Defensive driving techniques
  3. Knowledge of the highway code
  4. Feedback of driving skills & knowledge

The assessment will last 4 hours and will be conducted by one of our Approved Driving Instructors. The candidate will be assessed on the following:

  1. Pre-use checks
  2. Security of load / vehicle
  3. Driving style
  4. Hazard perception
  5. Space awareness
  6. Observations
  7. Planning ahead
  8. Anticipation
  9. Reversing / slow manoeuvring
  10. General safety procedures

Each candidate will receive a detailed report of their driving assessment. These will be marked as:

  1. Outstanding with few or no minor errors.
  2. Acceptable with a number of minor errors.
  3. Below standard. Too many minor or serious errors 
  4. Dangerous. Driving is considered to be dangerous.

Prior to driving they will receive a presentation on driving procedures. This will refresh their knowledge on the Highway Code and general driving and safety procedures

Numbers: Group training is possible for the presentation. Maximum of 2:1 for in-car training but suggest 1:1 as a more effective way of training.   

All our trainers are all Approved Driving Instructors and hold the appropriate licence to conduct the training. They are also qualified Assessors and are currently involved in training drivers of a large national company.   

Cost will depend on location, number of trainees and requirements. The minimum charge would be £100 for one driver.

For more information:

Call: 0800 0016 449


Private Car Tuition

We now provide confidence building courses for private car users. We will, on discussion with you, plan a bespoke training course to improve your driving skills, boost your confidence and expand your knowledge.

We are also very sympathetic and patient with nervous drivers. You might have been involved in a collision or have been affected by road rage or just had a bad experience on the road. If you have, our trainers will gently take you back on the road and improve your confidence without pushing you into areas where you feel uncomfortable.  . 

We will generally look at any of following areas:

  1. Town & city driving
  2. Dealing with roundabouts
  3. Motorway & dual carriageway procedures
  4. Rural roads and associated hazards
  5. Slow manoeuvring
  6. Reversing
  7. Parking
  8. Inclement weather
  9. Defensive driving
  10. Eco driving

Cost of the training is £38 for 2 and a half hours. This equates to 2 hours in-car tuition and half an hour feedback – which is very important as this will confirm understanding. Training will be conducted in your own car (L plates available if required).

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